Donna Karen is a female fashion designer, whose designs haven’t exactly bucked current trends; she has helped make them! Karan’s fashions came to prominence in the “mid 1980’s” by “creating flattering clothing for women of a certain size [for obvious reasons, no elaboration here]. “Karan’s designs” included slit skirts, deep V-necks” and other trends that “celebrated the female form.” 

                Now, she is publicly telling the truth about female sensuality, a fact with which she is closely related. Karan’s says that women are “asking for it,” via their sensual apparel. Karan stated: “What are we asking?” “Are we asking for it?” By “presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality, what are we throwing out to our children today?”

                Karan stated: “You look at everything all over the world today, you know, how women are dressing, what they’re asking by just presenting themselves the way they do. ‘WHAT ARE THEY ASKING FOR? TROUBLE!” The article also mentions “another woman,” not named, who “during a discussion about school dress codes suggested that girls and their clothing choices are responsible for boy’s inability to concentrate on schoolwork.”

                The news article concludes that the harassers, who are most frequently men, “have enablers [sensual female apparel] and “some of these enablers are WOMEN1”   Some Christian women, who ought to know better, are blindly following the sensual styles, and coming to church with low-cut blouses that are immodest and tight slacks/pants that emphasize their posteriors. Christian husbands should DEMAND that they inspect a woman’s apparel BEFORE she/teen girls leave for church services!

                I Tim. 2:9 gives clear instruction that women should “adorn themselves in modest apparel.”  This writer believes that most Christian women KNOW what is appropriate/inappropriate clothing—apparel that promotes Christian modesty—some of them apparently are just NOT willing to counter the sensual trends. According to I Tim. 2:9 & 2:15 Christian women should be noted for their “godliness with good works,” as well as their faith, charity, holiness and sobriety.

DECEMBER 2017-JANUARY 2018  The Fundamentalist Digest; Permission granted for reprint, so long as proper credit is given. The above item is a sample of the numerous timely articles that are contained in the bi-monthly issues of The Fundamentalist Digest.
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