A Comical Game? Wild Evolutionary Guesses

            For several years, this writer has been keeping track of newspaper columns that promote evolution, particularly the wild guesses the evolutionists make about beginnings and origins. This writer will begin with a column that states there is a new theory that “Disproves [the]Big Bang.”  According to the column “leading researchers” now “admit that there was NO beginning to the universe.” There purportedly never was a “big bang” that began the universe, but somehow around 13.7 billion(13,700,000,000) years ago, the universe showed up, although it supposedly [eternal matter] was always there!


                From there we jump almost 9 billion (9,000,000,000) years to the “Moon’s beginning which is “ripe” and “worn” at 4.51 billion (4,051,000, 000,) years old, just a small evolutionary “leap” of 9 billion years (9,000,49,000,000 years). From there, it’s only another 1,444,000,000 jump to the “world’s oldest fossils” at 3,700, 000, 000 years old! Our wild guess game goes on as we supposedly discover the “fossilized turtle” which supposedly “lived tens of millions of years ago in New Mexico.” 

                That brings us to the next bizarre guess about the early “galaxy” called EGS-z81 which originated about 670 million (670,000,000) years after the “theoretical Big Bang.” However, this galaxy is really only about one hundred million years old (100,000,000). But we can guess again, since “scientists” just discovered a “weird ancient hammerhead reptile” that “once dwelt in the Chinese Sea just 242 million (242,000,000) years ago. From there, all we do is leap another 102 million years (102,000,000) year where “paleontologists” have found a “king polar bear” “unearthed in rocks aged up to 140 million (140,000,000) years ago!

                Since we are leaping all over the “time” clock, the “discovery of a primitive precursor to ““Tyrannocaurus rex” who supposedly lived about 215 million years ago (215,000,000) may “point to something of “South American” origin. Then there is the“so-called “newly discovered dinosaur species that supposedly “roamed the earth about two hundred million (200,000,000) years ago, which “may help explain how the creatures evolved into the largest animals on land!

                Looking for another “leap” in the evolutionary time line? Well, how about a 70,000,000 leap in time from 14 million to 70 million? An “elk hunter” has purportedly discovered a “sea creature” species that lived 70 million (70,000,000) years ago! Believe it or not, this “new” ancient creature just found has been given the name of “Elasmossaur.” But there are more evolutionary “fables.” Perhaps you haven’t heard about “T, rex” who supposedly “lived millions of years ago in what is now northwestern New Mexico.” And how about the “peculiar’ horned "tyrannosaur" who supposedly “roamed the Mongolia Altai Mountain just “about 70 million (70,000,000) years ago? The “tyrannosaur” was “long snouted” and had “eight discreet horns!”


                Here we go again, another evolutionary leap of just 32 million years (32,000,000) from 70 million to 38 million (38,000,000) on some “pieces of jawbones and teeth” that were found near Bagan in central Myanmar in 2005,” that supposedly “show typical characteristics of primates.” Oh, Oh, another giant coming. This time its “wild monkeys that smash rocks, and “make flakes that resemble ancient tools.” These “ancient” tools existed just 3.3 million (3,300,000) years ago, a leap of only thirty four million, seven hundred thousand years (34,700,000) from our previous figure. The “tools” “found in a Kenya riverbed” push back “the record of stone tools just a minor 700,000 years, and are claimed to be 500,000 years “older than any trace of our own branch of the evolutionary tree.” 

                But we can’t forget those “snakes” and “turtles” that existed in the “Andes” just 13 million (13,000.000) years ago, another small 23 million years jump (23,000,000) from the previous 34,700,000 years! Oh, we can’t forget the “African Desert” where we discover “Ardi,” who lived just 4.4 million (4,400,000) years ago. This “female” spent “most of her time in the trees” because she had a “big toe” that could “clamber from limb to limb. She also “stood upright.” Well, we’re getting closer in time, with some “bones” that were found in “South African Caves” that were just 2.5 million (2,500,000) to 2.8 million years old (2,800,000). Well, we just keep going forward, with a “group of Homo creatures” that lived “around 2 million (2,000,000) years ago and provide a “new link to humans!

                Now, this is really current news, published in a major metropolitan newspaper in June 2016 that “scientists” have found “fossils,” called “hobbits”, of our “3½ foot tall evolutionary cousins” that are only seven hundred thousand  years old (700,000) on an Indonesian Island in a cave. But we can’t forget that “Giant ‘Siberian unicorn’ that purportedly existed just three hundred fifty thousand (350,000) years ago, a “unicorn” that may have existed until 29,000 years ago!


                Oh my, the evolutionists are bringing us down to one hundred seventy six thousand (176,000) years ago when the supposed remnants of the “Neanderthals,” who existed in “Eurasia” three hundred thousand (300,000) years ago, or was it 100,000 years ago?  Our “ancient [evolutionary] cousins” were found in a French cave back then. Or was it just Oh, we almost forgot, those “Neanderthals” actually existed in California just one hundred thousand (100,000) years ago! Or was it just a small minor “time” mistake that the “Neanderthals” disappeared just 30,000 years ago when they lived in Africa! [Ed: Or was it 40,000 years ago as a most recent Associated Press article proposed in an article entitled “Slow Flow of Human Immigration may have Doomed Neanderthals” (11-1-2017).  Oh well, that’s just another small 10,000 years mistake in calculation!]

                Well, we’re gradually getting there! “Genetic studies” have supposedly revealed that the “first modern humans” lived just between fourty thousand and seventy thousand (40,000-70,000) years ago. But some eighteen thousand (18,000) year “old fossil remains dubbed the “Homo-Floresiensis, are actually the forerunners of our “modern human” species.  Oh, they don’t really know, they’re not sure, if these “Hobbits” as they call them, are actually the forerunners of our “modern human” beings or not!

                Well, we are getting closer to the Biblical record with every evolutionary leap. How about the “human arrival in America” just less than 15,000 years ago, which reduces our time line by another 3,000 years from 18,000 to 15,000 years. And would you like to know something about these “human” ancestors? Well, a Feb. 2016 news internet news article declared the “human teeth likely shrank” due to “tool use.” This writer noted that the article used the terms “could” 2 times, “may have” 2 times, “suggest” 3 times, and “suggested” 3 times, plus a number of other “inferred” actions!

                But we’re not done yet. “Pit workers” turned up remains of a “mastodon” whose bones are “likely over 12,000 years old. Well, the evolutionists with their latest 12,000 figure have finally brought us near the Biblical record for creation, which when considered from a “liberal” view could be no more than 10,000 years ago. This writer actually believes in a literal divine creation week, 7 literal 24 hour nights-days period, and that it was thus about 7,000 years ago] as the Biblical record seems to plainly suggest

                If you check the evolutionary guesses above, ALL OF WHICH WE TOOK FROM NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS, you will discover that the time line dropped from a 13.7 billion years (13,700,000,000) to a 12,000 year time period in our evolutionary newspaper coverage of history. Frankly, it’s a lot easier just to believe the Biblical record in Genesis 1-2 which states that God created it all in 6 literal 24 night-day time periods versus the imaginary wild evolutionary calculations and guesses in the 32 newspaper articles we cited! [Yes, we have the copied newspaper sources to document ALL those wild evolutionary conjectures! The unbelievable evolutionary guesses above are like a case of wild spiritual hopscotch across the board!


                Oh, yes, we almost forgot the latest evolutionary gem. “The latest idea comes from a Columbia University astrophysicist who suggests that the universe may have been created and maintained by non-human life forms that morphed into the physical world and remain the driving force behind quantum physics.” According to “Professor Caleb Scharb, “the universe is what remains of intelligent ALIEN LIFE that controls all aspects of the physical world—from gravity to the speed of light.”  Can you believe that a so-called imaginary “alien life” supposedly “controls” our world today, THE FUNNY COMIC BOOK STUFF IS STILL BEING PUBLISHED, BUT THIS TIME IT’S BY GODLESS SCIENTISTS!

                Gen. 1:21 is a far better explanation of origins: “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” This writer believes the Genesis account of creation. He accepts the FACTS of the Genesis record rather than the far-out FANTASIES of evolutionary speculators.


DECEMBER 2017-JANUARY 2018  The Fundamentalist Digest; Permission granted for reprint, so long as proper credit is given. The above item is a sample of the numerous timely articles that are contained in the bi-monthly issues of The Fundamentalist Digest.
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