Biblical Outlines You Can Preach With Confidence is a massive set of 341 outlines by the F. D. editor that comes in an 8½" x 11" attractive spiral bound heavy cover and pages that do not easily bend/tear. The outlines are all arranged alphabetically from A-W by themes in 3-5-7 points, with careful alliteration that is not forced on the Biblical text. This helpful sermon preparation book contains 73 choice outlines just on the person and work of Christ alone, including eight outlines on the blood of Christ, plus 15 outlines on the Bible.
The major reference and verse is printed in full under the major title, and all the 3-5-7 points include both the Scripture reference and the verse itself printed as well. This book also provides ample space on the sides and beneath the Scripture quotations for a preacher to include his own notes. This book is designed so that a preacher can take the entire notebook to the pulpit, along with his notes intact on the specific outline page.
This book literally has 50 years of sermon preparations behind it. A CD that contains all the 341 outlines is also enclosed with the book, meaning that you can also insert the entire book into a computer. The CD is not available separately. This author is not trying to "toot his own trumpet" too loudly, but he doesn't know of any book that can compare with either its extensive contents or its unique format!
The price for this outline book with accompanying CD (PDF) is $24.00, plus $6 S & H. This outline book is a preacher's goldmine! Pastors will love it and use it frequently. This book also makes an excellent gift to all Christian workers. Make checks payable to Dr. Don Jasmin NOT to the FBM or F.D.


Pastor Lee Taylor, Fellowship Baptist Church,

Whitmore Lake, MI

                Bible Outlines You Can Preach With Confidence by Dr. Don Jasmin is a wealth of Bible teaching in a simple format. Most of the outlines are alliterated. Some are expository, some are theological and all are soundly Biblical. These outlines will be an excellent source of teaching for any Christian, and a wonderful source for preachers to use in ‘priming the pump.’ I highly recommend them.”

Dr. Robert Barnett, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church,

Grayling, MI  [Dr. Jasmin’s pastor]

           “Dr. Don Jasmin gave me a copy of his recently printed new book Biblical Outlines You Can Preach With Confidence to examine and review. He has done it again! Despite limited time and a pressing schedule (normal for most preachers); I could not lay the book down until I had covered every page. It was very Biblical, informative, inspiring and encouraging reading.

                Those who have heard Dr. Jasmin preach, or have read his books and articles, know how his well thought out and prepared sermons are outlined in an acrostic style to make them easier to read and remember. He has made many years of work available covering very important Biblical doctrinal topics in an alphabetical order from A-W. Many of these titles also have varied subtitles in this excellent 341 page book.

                All pastors who read this book will be encouraged, educated and edified by these excellent outlines of Biblical truth. We are grateful to Dr. Jasmin for taking the time and making the effort to share his many years of ministry, labor of love and studied expertise with other Fundamental pastors.”

Pastor Ken Rainey

Wayside Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

                “I have thoroughly enjoyed your book Biblical Outlines You Can Preach With Confidence, which I obtained from your book table during this summer’s meeting. The 341 outlined messages are truly atreasure trove of spiritual truth and thought. The CD included with the book is a great resource addition. With your 60 years of preaching and teaching reflected in the outlines, I am using this volume as a devotional basis. Scripture packed, these are just what pastors and churches need, and I am sure it will be a favorite with pastors, Sunday school teachers and church members at large who enjoy Bible study. I treasure this book as one of your best works.”

Pastor C. Gerald Taylor

Lighthouse Baptist Church, Ashville, AL

                “Dr. Jasmin’s new book Biblical Outlines You Can Preach With Confidence is a treasure every preacher, layman, and student of God’s Word will thoroughly enjoy. There are hundreds of sermon outlines ready to preach or use as a resource in preparing your own sermons. It will certainly be an asset to any ministry library. I don’t think you will find a book of outlines of this quality and quantity for this price anywhere.”

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