The F.D. editor's latest book has just been released and is NOW available to the Christian public. This "A Handbook on Bible Prophecy" contains 186 pages, and includes 25 studies on Great Prophetic Themes, plus 19 additional outlines on prophetic topics.
Includes introductory chapters as well dealing with the "Significance of Bible Prophecy," "Bible Prophecies that Have Been Fulfilled," "Bible Prophecies that are being Fulfilled' and "Bible Prophecies that Soon will be Fulfilled." Prophetic studies include the "Rapture," "The Jews," "The Signs of the Times," "The Tribulation Period," "The Battle of Armageddon," "The Millennial Reign of Christ" and MANY more important prophetic themes.
Presented in easy to read alliterated outline based format. This handbook probably represents more labor and work than any previous book written by the F. D. editor. $20.00, plus $5 S & H. 10% discount if you identify yourself as a senior citizen (65+) for single copies; 40% discount ONLY for church/Christian book stores when ordering 10 or more, and paid at time of purchase plus $5.00 per copy S&H.
HERE I STAND...Without Compromise
Here I Stand: Without Compromise is a collection and compilation of insightful articles and editorials which the author has published in his magazine I The Fundamentalist Digest over a 25 year period.

The book is divided into Nine Sections, with timely themes dealing with (a) Christ (b) Christian Living (c) Compromise (d) Defense of the Faith (e) Evangelism and the Great Commission (f) Expose (g) Fundamentalism (h) Miscellaneous and an (i) Appendix with articles by other men. Within these Nine Sections there are at least 30 topics that are delineated and discussed.

This book is a concise but also extensive collation of relevant themes; A real spiritual goldmine of Biblical Instruction and Information; an ideal gift book; comes in attractive strong spiral bound cover. $20, Plus $5.00 S&H. A great gift item. Make all checks payable to Dr. Don Jasmin, P.O. Box 489, West Branch, MI 58661

The Bible Text Issue:
A Credible Defense of the KJB and a Documented Expose of Modern Versions
This 350 page treatise by Dr. Jasmin is an exhaustive documented resource that is exactly what the book title states: a credible defense of the KJB and a documented expose of modern versions. This book contains several clear and simple lectures defending the KJB, numerous articles dealing with the verbal-plenary preservation of the Scriptures, documented exposes of all the major modern versions, plus several helpful appendixes. This book will be one of the most enlightening and helpful resources available anywhere on this vital theme.
While this book could be a useful tool for college classrooms, it is written so that any adult believer can easily comprehend its contents. The author predicts that this book will quickly become a best seller and a "classic" in its field, Book comes in attractive strong multi-color spiral bound cover. $20.00 plus $5.00 S & H. Make all orders payable to Dr. Don Jasmin, P. O. Box 489, West Branch, MI, 48661.
STROLLING DOWN MEMORY LANE: Incidents and Illustrations from 60 Years of Ministry
This 247 page soft cover format book is one you won't want to lay down, once you have begun its reading. It is also an intriguing recounting of the traumas & triumphs of this preacher's 60+ years of experiences as a preacher. The book is divided into six parts: "The Earliest Years"; "Down the Soul-Winning Trail"; "Those Busy pastorates"; "Traveling in Evangelism"; "Visits on the Mission Field," & "Miscellaneous and Stories about Living by Faith."

These fascinating & true stories may cause you to both laugh & weep. The stories include such titles as "I should have been in the downtown Atlanta jail as a security risk"; "when the busses got stuck between the buildings"; "The biggest fish I ever caught in the soul-winner's pond;" "she lived in a pigpen & they lived in a woodshed," and many more intriguing titles. $10, plus $5 S & H
This 270 page treatise involved 15 years of physical research and labor. This book documents the tragic story of the Northfield-Mt. Hermon schools founded by the famed 19th century evangelist D. L. Moody and the accommodating pathway these schools traveled on the downward trail from historic orthodox Biblicist institutions into apostate secular entities.

The book title is an accurate description of its contents! This informative treatise also factually portrays a similar road that many professing Fundamentalist schools are traveling today on the pathway to their eventual apostasy; a real eye opener that every parent, grandparent and pastor should possess! An excellent resource for Fundamentalist Bible Institutes/colleges to use as a college course; $12, plus $5 S & H.
This book contains hundreds of choice quotations that the F. D. editor has gathered over a 30+ year period, quotations that were compiled from an innumerable number of live services he attended and sermons he personally heard, as well as culled from dozens of books he has read during that time frame.

Most of these quotes cannot found anywhere else
, or they are buried within voluminous pages of books and pamphlets and were never previously extracted. The quotes are all alphabetically arranged for swift selection, as well done in large print with double space between for easy comprehension. Ample space has been provided at the end for inclusion of quotes that you desire to add; a rare literary gem; $8.00, plus $5.00 S & H.
This volume is an extensive doctrinal and practical treatise on prayer. It contains over 50 practical Bible studies on prayer, another 50+ alliterated biblical outlines on prayer, incisive excerpts from other great prayer warriors about prayer, choice quotes dealing with prayer, hymns & gospel songs centered around prayer, numerous poems on prayer, plus a list of all classics and current books on prayer, along with an extensive prayer encyclopedia based on 17 books on this important theme.

Highly recommended by some of Fundamental Baptists most well-known preachers. This book will be a useful resource for every preacher, but it is also an enjoyable and enlightening treatise for every believer to read; 226 pages, spiral bound 8 1/2" X 11"; Cost $20.00 plus $5.00 S&H. Make checks payable to Dr. Don Jasmin-(US funds only)
The Sin and Danger of Self Love
by Robert Cushman
This sermon was first preached to the Plymouth "Mayflower" Pilgrims in 1621. It is the oldest extant sermon in the USA. Without changing or deleting a single word, this sermon has been completely reformatted by the FBM director for easy comprehension, with modern spellings, alliterative outline divisions, headings and subdivisions, as well as breaking down the lengthy paragraphs and long sentences into brief segments.

This a timeless masterpiece! So far as we know the only place in the world where you can obtain this unusual message in its modern format is through the Fundamental Baptist Ministries; $8.00 plus $ 4.00 S&H.


This preacher's latest book entitled Great Doctrines of the Faith includes 23 great Biblical themes such as the Bible, deity of Christ, local church, heaven, hell, justification, new birth, repentance, salvation, second coming, separation and many more timely doctrines that this evangelist/writer has preached in numerous pulpits and taught in various college classrooms.

This book is a useful tool for pastors and for use in Bible College and Bible Institute classrooms. It is also an excellent tool for use in SS classes and adult training unions; published in attractive spiral bound cover format, It includes a CD which can be "popped" into a computer, giving you the entire book all over again (not available separately). Highly recommended by Dr. Shelton Smith, the Sword of the Lord Editor; $17.00 plus $5 S & H.
Released: Spring, 2013: This reformatted book by this editor contains (a) seven sermons by Daniel Merrill preached in 1805 on why the Baptists are right; (b) A Miniature History of the Baptists by Merrill; (c) sermon preached in 1805 by Thomas Baldwin at Daniel Merrill's ordination; (d) an autobiography of Daniel Merrill.

The above four items have been reproduced exactly word for word without any word changes, but with modern reformatting by the editor to make reading easier, with shorter sentences and paragraphs, the addition of headings and subheadings and modern spelling to make reading comprehension easier. $15, plus $5 S & H.
PS: Daniel Merrill was originally a Congregationalist preacher who became a Baptist after researching his N.T. and preaching those 7 sermons on Baptism.
This book is a massive set of 341 Biblical based outlines on Bible themes from A-W that contains his best outlines from 50+ years of full-time ministry; These outlines are all skillfully composed in alliterative 3-5-7 points that are not forced on the Biblical texts. The book comes in an attractive 8½" x 11" spiral bound with pages that do not easily bend or tear. This helpful book contains 73 outlines just on the person and work of Christ alone, including 8 outlines on Christ's blood & 15 outlines on the Bible.

The major references and verses are printed in full, with ample space on the sides and beneath Scripture references for a preacher to include his own notes for sermon use and permanent retention; also includes a CD that can be popped into a computer and give you the entire book all over again! This book of outlines is a preacher's goldmine! $24, plus $6 S & H.



Here are CD's that warm the heart and edify
Favorite Gospel Solos #1
This musical CD recording contains 22 of Dr. Jasmin's favorite solos sung over his 60+ years preaching with Dick Carroll, one of Fundamentalism's greatest evangelistic piano players, as the skilled accompanist; includes such classic gospel songs as "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus," "In Times Like These," "It's Real," "Ship Ahoy," "God Is Still On The Throne," "It Took A Miracle," "Jesus Led Me All The Way," and many more! One full hour of great spiritual enjoyment: $12.00, plus $4.00 S & H.

Favorite Gospel Solos #2
This second musical CD recording contains 18 more of Dr. Jasmin's favorite solos that same extensive 60+ years of preaching, with the talented Fundamentalist pianist Dick Carroll again serving as his skilled accompanist; includes such well-known songs as "The Love Of God," "I Believe In Miracles," "All That Thrills My Soul Is Jesus," "Room At The Cross For You," "Does Jesus Care?", "Face To Face," and a dozen more favorites. 45 minutes of spiritual blessing: $12.00, plus $4.00 S & H.
Favorite Christmas Carols
This solo CD by Dr. Jasmin includes 14 of the most favorite Christmas carols sung around the world such as "The Birthday of A King," "O Holy Night," "Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne," "There's A Song In The Air," "Go Tell It On A Mountain," and 10 more well-known Christmas hymns. This CD will provide great spiritual enjoyment during the Christmas season; $12.00, plus $4.00 S & H.

"The History of American Fundamentalism"
Dr. Don Jasmin

A three volume CD set; preached in three live settings, to a Fundamental Baptist Church congregation. Learn the history of American Fundamentalism delivered in a warm inspirational manner; literally loaded with historical content that has been forgotten or overlooked. This 3-CD set is strongly endorsed by the pastor where it was originally delivered. $18.00, plus $6.00 S & H; a valuable historical treasure.

Sermon CD's by Dr. Don Jasmin

"The Cross Called Calvary," "The Model Church," "A Heart Set on Heaven," "Keys to O. T. Interpretation," "The Power of God," "The Sound of the Trumpet," What is a Bible Christian?" $5.00, plus $3.00 S & H.

All payments need to be in US dollars!


**MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Dr. Don Jasmin, P.O. Box 489, West Branch, MI 48661
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