As the religious world approaches the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible in 2011, this writer believes that Devil is going to do everything possible to destroy its testimony by continuing to allege that the KJB is (a) based upon inferior and unreliable manuscripts and that it (b) is outmoded and difficult to comprehend.

Some Satanic Strategies

While pausing to give the KJB hypocritical “lip” service for its historical contribution to the English speaking world of past centuries, ecumenical liberals and compromising evangelicals will vigorously promote the dozens of unreliable translations based on the defective apostate Critical Text. Unfortunately, many professing Fundamentalist academic institutions will continue to accept the lies and lines of the liberal bias, also leading prospective pastors down the Critical Text trail.

                 Without question, the F. D. editor believes that Satan’s immediate goal is to cause distrust among potential KJB readers and eventual discredit of the KJB’s contents. This writer visits numerous religious bookstores, and on several occasions, he has quietly listened as new naďve professing Christian converts viewed the smorgasboards of Bible versions for sale and inquired of personnel what translation they should secure. With heartbreaking dismay, he has intensely listened as bookstore personnel have recommended numerous unreliable modern versions, but never the King James Bible.

Satan’s Aim: Divide Genuine KJB Defenders

However, Satan’s fight doesn’t end there! The devil would obviously like to create a fractious dichotomy among the KJB’s credible genuine defenders by sidelining them to squabble among themselves, using semantics [word meanings] as his divisive tool. Now, in theological issues, semantics [word meanings dealing with theological concepts] can sometimes make a vital difference.

For instance, “Verbal-plenary inspiration” is not a term with which you can semantically play. This phrase is directly based on Biblical fact: “all”=plenary [equal/complete]; “Scripture”= verbal—the specific words; “inspiration”=God Breathed. These terms are Biblically and theologically fixed! This is equally true of “verbal-plenary preservation.”

However, words derived from those phrases may have elastic flexibility on which good men differ. This writer believes that during the 2011 400th KJB Anniversary celebration, the devil would like to schismatically divide sound KJB defenders into angry divisive camps, creating bitterness and hostility where the devil has a field day as he laughs over staunch KJB advocates who uncharitably scrap among themselves. In such an inter-party fracas, this staunch KJB defender refuses to engage or participate!

The Great Question

 The great question at stake is simply this: Is the KJB a reliable trustworthy version that Bible-believing Fundamentalists can completely trust and use as their exclusive and sole English tool for evangelism of sinners and edification of saints, including their individual sanctification? Is it a translation that we must correct because of errors or is it a version, without blunders, that we permit to correct us? Does this version still have the power to build spiritual homes, N. T. churches and Biblicist-Fundamentalist schools like it has done in America and around the English speaking world for nearly 400 years?

The writer’s Personal Experience

To these questions, this writer answers an unhesitating “YES!” Lest some misguided saints seek to malign and slander this editor like they have done with others, this preacher would like to reaffirm his complete confidence in the authenticity, reliability, and trustworthiness of his KJB as the sole English translation that he reads, meditates upon, studies, and from which he preaches. Furthermore, he does not believe the KJV contains any written errors. The KJB is God’s complete powerful trustworthy Word!

It was via faithful teaching/preaching of the KJB that yours truly was brought to Christ and converted. The KJB is the spiritual ship with which he has successfully navigated life’s treacherous seas for over 66 years and the written God-blessed   vessel with which he intends to sail until he reaches his heavenly destination!

However, he refuses to waste his time by foolishly arguing with schismatic male or female critics who do not have credible evidence for their wild off-base KJB claims. In contrast, he will continue to ardently defend the true TR/KJB stance against any/all its detractors, diluters and diminishers.

KJB Stance Literally “Set in Stone”

PS: The F. D. editor’s firm confidence in the KJB is literally set in stone! While this writer and his wife hope to have many more years of active fruitful service if the Lord tarries, they are not young spring chickens! Planning for the future, they recently purchased two gravesites and had a single gravestone placed there, with their birthdates listed, [but not deaths!]. On that single headstone, the following words are neatly engraved beneath a cross: “The Word of God was always their authority—Matt. 4:4—KJV.”



“Quotes and More Quotes”

”The KJB is a faithful translation of a divine transmission.”  “We should be King James only but not King James ornery.” “The authoritative Word must be the actual Word.”

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Editorial – August-September 2010  The Fundamentalist Digest; Permission granted for reprint, so long as proper credit is given.