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"He commanded us to preach unto the people"
(Acts 10:42)
          In a day when Biblical preaching is being depreciated, diminished and downsized, historic Biblical Fundamentalists need to re-emphasize the priority of preaching as the center piece of their Scriptural agendas-II Tim. 4:2. Fundamentalism needs preachers-Gal. 1:16, not pacifiers. It needs pulpiteers, not psychologists-Titus 1:3.
          In the preserved Scriptures, preaching is central. The O. T. prophets were preachers-Jonah 3:2. The N. T. apostles were also preachers-Gal. 1:15-16. On this earth, Christ was primarily a preacher-Is. 61:1, Matt. 4:17, 10:7, Mark 2:2. The early apostolic Christians were also preachers for "they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word." (Acts 8:4)
          Fundamentalist preaching should be Biblical in doctrine-I Tim.1:3, Baptist in distinctive-Phil. 1`:1 and blameless in conduct-Titus 1:7. For God-called preachers there are no substitutes. Preaching must be the great business of the preacher's life-II Tim 4:2. Fundamentalism centers in preaching.
          Fundamentalist preachers proclaims Christ as the Lamb of God-John 1:29: the lamb of perfection-I Pet.1:18-19; the lamb of propitiation-Rom. 3:24; the lamb of purchase-Acts 20:28; the lamb of purging-Heb. 9:22; the lamb of protection-Ex. 12, the lamb of power-Rev. 17:14 and the lamb of praise-Rev. 5:8-12. They preach the sinlessness of the lamb-I Pet. 1:18-19, the sacrifice of the lamb-Is. 53:5-6 and the song of the lamb-Rev. 5:8-9.
          Fundamentalist preachers proclaim the condescension of Christ-Gal. 4:4, the crucifixion of Christ-I Cor. 2:2 and the coming again of Christ-Rev. 22:7. They preach Christ as the foundation-I Cor. 3:11, the firstfruits-I Cor. 15:20 and the forerunner-Heb. 6:18-20.
          They proclaim Christ as the Son of God: as the divine Son-John 3:16, the delightful Son-Prov. 8:30, the descended Son-John 1:18, the delivered Son-Rom. 8:32 and the drawing Son-John 12:32. They also preach the eternality of the Son of God-John 8:58, the enfleshment of the Son of God-John 1:18 and the exaltation of the Son of God-Phil. 2:11.
          To the saint, Christ is the believer's "all in all"-Col. 3:11. Therefore, Fundamentalist preachers proclaim Christ to be all in Scripture-John 5:39, all in Salvation-Acts 4:12 and all in service-Col. 3:23-24. They proclaim Christ as the supplier of all blessings-Eph. 1:3, the source of all building-Matt. 16:18 and the strength in all battles-Phil. 4:13.
          Christ centered preaching does not mean that Fundamentalist preaching is all "peaches and cream," without any negative, or controversial elements. Since Christ is the author of the Scriptures-Col. 3:14, the affirmer of the Scriptures-Matt. 24:35 and the authenticator of the Scriptures-John 10:30, genuine Fundamentalists do not hesitate to preach all the Scriptures.
          Fundamentalist preaching can be starkly contrasted with the weak-kneed soft milk toast "bar stool" chat talks delivered by the market driven ministers and the "seeker-friendly, "user friendly" non-offensive tactics employed by the Pseudo-Fundamentalists, New-Evangelicals and Charismatics. In vast contrast to the "preacherettes" who deliver "sermonettes" that produce "Christianettes," faithful Fundamentalist preachers proclaim the "whole counsel of God"-Acts 20:27.
          This does not imply that militant Fundamentalist preachers are uncouth, lack gentlemanly qualities or are purposely offensive in either their personal or pulpit demeanors. To the contrary, they strive to manifest Christ-likeness in both preaching and practice-Phil. 1:18, 20. However, obedient Fundamentalist preachers never withhold needed truth if they know it will benefit the hearers-Acts 20:20.
          Elijah was a confrontational preacher on Mt. Carmel when he contested with the false prophets of Baal-I Kings 18. John the Baptist unflinchingly confronted the multitudes in Luke 3: 7-9 with the truth they needed, but did not want to hear. Christ openly confronted the hypocritical Pharisees on several occasions-Matt. Chaps. 12 & 23. Paul certainly was confrontational in Athens in Acts 20:17-34. He also plainly confronted Felix in Acts 24:25-27 and King Agrippa in Acts 26 with the claims of the gospel.
          Biblical confrontational preaching is plain-Mark 6:12, powerful-Acts 4:31, and purposeful-I Cor. 1:l8.
          In Matt. 9:36, the Scripture states that when Christ, who serves as the Fundamentalist preacher's impeccable example, "saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd."
          A great preacher once said that "preaching is teaching with a tear in the eye." The Apostle Paul's tears were inextricably linked with his fervent ministry. In recounting his profitable three year ministry with the Ephesian saints, Paul declared that he had served the Lord there with "all humility of mind, and with many tears." (Acts 20:19). He further reiterated this when he stated that he had "ceased not to warn everyone night and day with tears." (Acts 20:31)
          Jude put it succinctly this way when he stated, "And of some have compassion, making a difference" (Jude 22). For the burdened Fundamentalist preacher, preaching with a broken heart is not a rare entity, it is a regular experience-Rom. 9:1-3. The kind of Fundamentalist preaching described above needs to be extended, not extinguished. Thank God for faithful Fundamentalist preaching that exalts the Saviour-I Cor.2:2, exposits the Scripture-II Tim. 4:2 and edifies the saints-II Cor. 13:10. DJ

Editorial: Febuary-March 2005, The Fundamentalist Digest: Permission granted for reprint, so long as proper credit is given.
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