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As the cultural, political and theological winds of human society continue to drastically shift in unbiblical, undesirable and unwholesome directions, this writer would like to offer the following observations and reflections as Bible-believing Christians face a new year.

1. God is still on the Throne. He has always been on His throne and always be on His throne as the Sovereign God whose eternal purposes and plans will be accomplished, regardless of the evil intentions and faulty actions of sinful men—Psalms 45:6.

The contrasting passages in Prov. 8:15-16, Prov. 21:1 and Hosea 8:3-7 do not contradict each other but rather complement each other. These contrasting passages run on different rails of the same Scriptural railroad track. We will never reconcile these stark contrasts until we possess perfect unlimited knowledge in glory. While God is sovereign in all His attributes and actions, He still holds sinful men accountable for their errant and sinful voluntary choices and actions.

2. Americans have chosen and are choosing "mammon" rather than "Manna" The "love of money" ("mammon") which is the root of all evil—I Tim. 6:10 has taken precedence in the daily lives of Americans. Americans are becoming more concerned about economic matters—Luke 12:15 than they are eternal matters—II Cor. 4:16. Tragically so, Americans seem more interested in devouring material meat—John 6:27 than they are in digesting spiritual meat—Jer. 15:16. American is rapidly become a nation that is composed of citizens who are more secular oriented that they are spiritually oriented.

Americans have sown the "winds" of "secularism" and they are reaping the "whirlwinds" of socialism. Greedy corporations and crafty CEO’s have apparently forgotten that a corrupt capitalism is fertile breeding grounds for a materialistic socialism and that socialism is really nothing less than Communistic Marxism under a democratic cover.

3. The Great Commission Mandate is still our priority for action and the establishment and edifying of local N. T. churches is still our major work—Matt. 28:18-20. Deteriorating changes delineated above in cultural, moral, political and theological areas do not change the Biblical agenda God has set forth in His Word for this dispensation—the fulfillment of the Great Commission—Luke 24:47.

There has never been an era of human history when God’s Biblical injunctive concerning the Great Commission needs to be obeyed more than this deluded generation. As Satan’s diabolical night draws its darkening blinds upon a sin cursed society, the gospel light that Christians exude must shine ever brighter—Matt. 5:14-16 in the presentation of God’s heavenly light in Jesus Christ—II Cor. 4:6, Phil. 2:15.

There never was a time when the passionate soul-winner’s fire was more needed than today— Rom. 9:1-3, II Cor. 5:14. Burdened weeping sowers of the seed can make a vital difference in the destiny of eternal souls—Ps. 126:5-6. Individual saints and local N. T. churches need to eliminate their wasteful sideline trivia and concentrate on God’s priority, the salvation of lost hell bound souls—I Tim. 1:15.

4. The Defense of the Historic Biblical Faith is more imperative than ever before—Jude 3. Bible-believers must not become weary in their "well doing" activity of contending for the faith that was "once delivered unto the saints." They must not soften or weaken their strong stance for fear of left-wing politicians, mealy-mouth preachers, and worldly partisans.

As the flood of compromise deluges the religious scene, discerning saints must become more intense, more vigorous and more active than ever in the fight for the faith. The defense of the gospel—Phil. 1:17 is not a pursuit that must be likely taken. Saints must be willing to wholeheartedly engage in spiritual warfare against the hosts of Satan—Eph. 6:11-18.

5. Bible-believers should expect and be prepared for increasing harassment, hostility, and persecution from both secular oriented socialistic politicians and worldly minded religious apostates—Phil. 1:29, II Tim. 3:13. This opposition should not deter saints or stop them from fervent obedience to their Biblical imperatives and injunctives—I Cor. 4:2. Under the guise of new "protective" federal and state legislation from left-wing socialistic politicians, Biblicist Baptist based ministries could become potentially endangered species

Genuine saints should not confuse anticipated tribulation—John 16:34 with The Tribulation—Rev. Chapters 6-19. Christ never promised exemption from adversity, testings and trials, only that He would grant sufficient grace—II Cor. 12:9 and more grace—James 4:6 to see us through those difficult times.

6. We are Nearing the termination of this present dispensation, with the Second Coming of Christ as a definite prospect—Titus 2:13. The next prophetic sound heard from heaven will be the sound of the Trumpet—I Cor. 15:51-57, I Thess. 4:13-18. Sinners are being unknowingly prepared for the coming of the son of perdition—II Thess. 2:3, while saints are preparing for the coming of the Son of God—Heb. 9:28.

Perceptive believers should not be surprised by the memorization of the American public in massive numbers by sweet-talking left-wing politicians and apostate preachers. Such massive mesmorization represents the spirit of anti-Christ about which John spoke in I John 2:18 & 22 and is a foreshadow of the manner in which the Anti-Christ will deceive and delude the entire unbelieving world into worship of the dragon and the beast in Rev. 13:3 & 8.

7. Believers are commanded to pray for all individuals in places of constituted civic authority and that includes the President of the United States of America and all other appointed and elective officials, regardless of their socialistic agendas—I Tim. 2:1-2. The U. S. President’s unbiblical socialistic philosophy and left-wing agenda does NOT constitute a legitimate exemption to God’s divine injunctive.

While sincere prayers might be difficult in this regard, they are not impossible, since God has never commanded saints to do anything for which He does not give enabling power to fulfill His commands—Phil. 4:13. Though not supporting any socialistic concepts and actions promulgated by the U. S. president, this writer sincerely promises to obey that Biblical mandate.

Believers can pray that the U. S. president will honor and revere the American flag and that he would be willing to vigorously defend America’s honor around the world, and that he would promote genuine liberty from Islamic and Marxist oppression wherever it exists.

This writer also believes that the new U. S. president should be given a limited time window of opportunity to prove that he is not a radical socialist and to validate that he does not desire to be a despotic dictator like so many African tyrants, but that he desires to be a genuine president of all the people, including the 57, 000,000 + citizens who voted for a different philosophy and a different politician.

8. Regardless of undesirable outward circumstances, unwholesome cultural trends and unwelcome political pressures, believers can experience the daily power of God—Eph. 3:20, II Cor. 9:8 and the daily joy of the Lord—Phil. 4:4.

Believers should not let adverse political trends destroy their daily exhilarating walk with the Lord. God‘s saints should never permit the devil to use unfavorable political circumstances to make them despondent, defeated or discouraged—Phil. 2:6-7. Abundant spiritual living can be a daily experience regardless of how the political winds blow—John 10:10.

9. Saints are assured of the ultimate victorious outcome in the battle between good and evil, between Christ and Satan—I John 3:8, Rev. 20:10. Genuine believers are on the winning side in this age-long conflict—Rev. chapters 21-22. Believers are not fighting for victory, they are fighting IN victory—Col. 1:13. Satan knows that he is a defeated foe and that he has only a short time left in which to do his destructive work—John 12:31, Rev. 12:11. Someday soon, all the satanic hosts of atheism, humanism, materialism, Marxism, secularism, sensualism and other unbiblical philosophies will be destroyed and Christ will reign supreme as unrivaled Lord—Phil. 2:11.

While here during their earthly journey, saints are also assured of daily victory over the world, the flesh and the devil—I Cor. 10:13, I Cor. 15:57, I John 4:14. While saints must expect increasing conflicts with ungodly worldly forces, they possess an eternal hope that no adverse opponent or antagonistic politician can ever steal from them—Rom. 8:18-25, 35-38. The assurance and possession of eternal life in Christ is an eternal blessing that no one can pilfer or rob.—John 3:16, 10: 28.

Saints have an eternal hope and a heavenly inheritance reserved for them in glory that is incorruptible, undefiled and that never fades away—I Peter 1:3-4. With prospects like that, believing saints should never be downcast, regardless of current political trends!


A. Genuine saints and N. T. churches must maintain RESOLUTION: God’s saints must maintain and emphasize the divine RESOLUTION concerning the Great Commission imperative—Matt. 28:18-20. They must not get off track from this one Biblical injunctive that is their sole reason for existence. They must stick to their divine agenda and never veer off course to accept other seductive agendas.

B. Genuine saints and N. T. churches must maintain RESILIENCE: Ps. 34:5 says "They looked unto him and they were lightened." They must not permit despair, despondency and discouragement to steal God’s choicest blessings which can be theirs even amidst adverse circumstances—Eph. 1:3.

C. Genuine saints and N. T. churches must maintain RESISTANCE: They must forthrightly confront every attack of Satan, whether it be by perverse foes from without the ranks or professing friends within their camp—Acts 20:28-31.

They must take unto them the "whole armour of God" delineated in Eph. 6:11-18, so that they can "stand against all the wiles" [crafty, deceitful and subtle methods] of the devil—Eph. 6:11. They must go further and "withstand" in the [this] evil day, and "having done all" to "stand" again—Eph. 6:13. D. J.

"Rejoice in the Lord always; and again, I say rejoice" Phil. 4:4

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