Dr. Don Jasmin


Dr. Don Jasmin has a lengthy and varied ministry in Christian service. For nearly 20 years, he served as pastor of Fundamental Baptist churches where he was noted for his strong emphasis on evangelism, missions, and prayer.

He has also ministered in an itinerant evangelistic and Bible conference ministry for nearly 35 years with a variety of ministries that includes evangelistic meetings, Bible conferences, and numerous "series" emphases such as the "Bible Prophecy Series," "Doctrine of Christ series," "Bible Text Series," "Christian Living Series," "Baptist Distinctives Series, "Contemporary Theology Series,"

He frequently serves as an adjunct instructor in local church Bible Institutes, as well as offering the Continued Educational Opportunities [CEO's] in nine different Biblical subjects for churches on a non-academic basis. These CEO's are taught in 1-2 week modules according with varied time schedules, based on a local church's desires and needs.

Dr. Jasmin is the director of Fundamental Baptist Ministries [FBM], a ministry he founded in 1990 for the defense of the historic Biblical faith and the advancement of local N. T. churches. A prolific writer, he is also the founder/editor of The Fundamentalist Digest, a bi-monthly 24 page inspirational, instructional and informational magazine that reaches saints in both the pulpit and the pew.

A possessor of the B.A., B.D., D.D, and L.L.D. degrees, Dr. Jasmin is an honoree in the Fundamentalist Hall of Fame. He is a recipient of the "Bob Jones Sr. Memorial Award for the Defense of the Scriptures," as well being awarded the "C.H. Spurgeon Award for Contributions to Evangelism and Fundamentalism." He also received The Sword Of The Lord Foundation's "Soul-Winner's Award".

A strong defender of the KJV and wholesome Christian music, he terms himself simply as "a slave to Christ, a servant of local churches and a pastor's helper."

He may be contacted at Dr. Don Jasmin - FBM, P. O. Box 489, West Branch, MI, 48661. 989-873-4778
web site: www.FundamentalBaptistMinistries.com