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"But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

(Phil. 4:19)

The nation's highest elected political official and a host of liberal politicians are currently espousing the concept that "only government" can solve the crises Americans are now facing. Their firm belief is that "only government" can get us out of the economic, ecological and educational problems confronting the USA.

The infallible Scriptures make it plain that human government does have legitimate functions such as the (a) protecting of citizens—Rom. 13:1-7; (b) promoting of civic righteousness—Prov. 29:2 and (c) providing limited human services—Matt. 22:21. The collection and proper use of taxes is a valid governmental function—Matt. 17:24-27.

However, there are at least three erroneous false concepts, deceptions of the devil, that left-wing politicians and apostate clergy are promulgating that need to be unmasked.





There is nothing inherently wrong with citizens legally contributing to a medical/retirement program that gives them guaranteed financial benefits when they retire. There is also nothing inherently wrong with believers deciding not to participate in such programs based on religious convictions and utilizing alternative personal or private plans.

However, the socialistic plans/programs that call for the government to provide for virtually all individual/family needs from the cradle to the grave do not have any Scriptural warrant. The Scripture clearly declares that individuals who are not willing to work are not entitled to societal benefits—II Thess. 3:10.


The left-wing liberal call to "grow government" by continually increasing the number and size of governmental programs with their entrapping bureaucracy is not the Biblical answer to society's economic woes. Increased federal spending, without restraints, simply results in increased federal deficits. The Scriptures state that the borrower is servant to the lender—Prov. 22:7.

In this case, the lender[s] are foreign companies and foreign governments, in particular Communist China, which has purchased over a trillion dollars of America's debt. What will happen if China suddenly decides to call in this debt? While the Biblical admonition to "owe no man anything," (Rom. 13:8) does not refer to financial debt, there is a legitimate application, that borrowing funds should not occur where there is no likely obligation of repayment!


Current govt. expansion programs are mostly nothing less than socialism under a capitalist cover. Sadly a corrupt capitalism [Wall Street & banks misuse of funds] is fertile breeding grounds for socialism and socialism is simply communism with a democratic guise. The real federal cost for new job creations, with interest, is about $290,000 per job, far more than the $85,000 that it would cost private enterprises.

The writer's great objection to all of the above excesses, however, is that left-wing politicians are using conservative language to promote humanistic socialistic objectives that will drive Americans further away from the individual accountability that the Scripture delineates—Rom. 14:12. He believes that Nolan Finley was right when he stated in The Detroit News (2-1-2009, 5C) that "the field is wide open for liberals to bring to America European-style socialism, with its low productivity, high unemployment, crushing taxes and subjugation to government."



Pre-millennial prophecy students know that the Scriptures predict that after the Rapture of the saints the religious apostates will join ranks with the anti-Christ in a combined alliance of the one-world church and one-world government—Rev. 17, an alliance headed by the 2nd and 3rd personages of the Satanic trinity. In today's world, the movement towards this satanic "one-world" society is called "globalism" or the "new world order."


Former U. S. President G. H. Bush was the first to popularize the "new world order" term. Since his usage, numerous other political leaders around the world have reiterated this same call. Just recently, in early 2009, Australia's Prime Minister reissued this call for a "new world order" (Worldview Weekend, 2-3-2009). Other world politicians are seeking to create a one-world banking system via the International Monetary Fund [IMF] that could "act as a central bank to the world."

This writer does not have any knowledge about the identity of the individual who will lead this future "new world order." The Scripture makes it plain that no one can predict his personal identity in advance (II Thess. 2:6). However, the Scriptures do reveal many traits concerning the "spirit" of anti-Christ that precedes this individual.


Based on his mesmerizing personality and actions, the current U. S. President certainly represents that "globalizing" spirit in our world today. In a Time magazine article (1-26-2009, p. 45) Andrew Young, the former mayor of Atlanta, GA, called Barrack Obama a "global citizen" who "defies categorization." During his election run, Obama made clear his global one-world goals when he declared that he desired to be an "instrument of God" to "create a kingdom right here on earth." On a CNN TV broadcast on 1-26-09 a reporter stated that Obama's design was "remaking the world." In a statement that represented foreshadows of the Anti-Christ, a TV commentator exaggeratingly exclaimed that Obama was the "most famous person ever in world history;"

The Scriptures remind us that in the last days, Satan's strategy would be deception of the world's populace by promises of "peace" (I Thess. 5: 3) and that by "peace" the Anti-Christ would "destroy many." Thus, it is no surprise, that symbolizing this anti-christ spirit, the U. S. President has changed his tactics from "fighting the war on terror" to diplomatic negotiating talks with the forces of anarchy, terror and evil.



This third satanic deception is probably Satan's most subtle scheme since it is undoubtedly Satan's major appealing tactic. "Greening" is the popular name for Satan's ecological strategy to re-engineer the earth's environment via a socialistic controlled governmental process described above in numbers I-II. This pseudo-scientific quackery is led by the United Nations and radical left-wing hypocritical politicians such as Al Gore.


Due to the public's unconcern, the social proponents of global warming have changed its name to "climate change." It is a biological fact that only 1% of the earth's atmosphere is composed of "greenhouse gases," of which the two main sources are Methane and CO2. Of these two sources, 82% of methane and 97% of CO2 is by "natural processes."

John Coleman, one of the leading nation's weather experts and the founder of the TV Weather Channel has aptly called "Global Warming a scam." Just recently, 650 of the "brightest ecologist scientists" in the world declared that "global warming" is a "media generated myth." Timothy Patterson, a reputable "Canadian geologist" has stated that "it is global cooling, not warming, that is the major climate threat to the world," while Meteorologist Aggie Auger of New Zealand has termed it a "myth" and stated that ecological "greenies" are on a "witch-hunt."


Despite the documented facts that discredit the "global warming" adherents, the "climate change" advocates have continued their public barrage, making this pseudo-science into a world religion. In an article in the Washington Times (5-6-2008, p. 32), columnist Joseph Farah penned an incisive expose about this trend entitled "The False Religion of Global Warming." In The Detroit Times (2-1-2009, 5C), editorial page editor Nolan Finley called the "greening" movement, "the fastest growing religion" in the world

While genuine saints have been exhorted from man's beginning to be good stewards of God's creation (Gen. 2:15), there is no indication anywhere in the N. T. that "greening" is included as part of the Great Commission. Serious Bible students will search the N. T. in vain for any "greening" emphasis as part of the task of N. T. local churches! Such mentions and references do not exist anywhere within the N. T. canon.

The religious apostates of the WCC and NCCC have long been "greening" advocates. Based on the apostate sponsored New Revised Standard Version [NRSV], HarperOne has just released The Green Bible, the "first environmentally-themed" Bible.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to prove their relevance with the world's trends, many Charismatics and New-Evangelicals are embracing this pseudo "greening" science with flooding acceptance. Via the Evangelical Environmental Network [EEN], the Evangelical Climate Initiative [ECI] and the misnamed "Faith in Action," sponsored by Zondervan, World Vision and Outreach, Inc., these so-called theological conservative groups are adopting this heretical unscriptural concept.


"Only God"

The unbiblical governizing, globalizing and greening strategies can never meet the real necessities of humanity, and particularly the essential needs of Bible-Christians. What a glorious, grand and glorious Biblical truth: "Only God!" Genuine saints know that only God can truly meet the essential needs of humanity from the "cradle" to the "grave." For believers this includes "all" our needs both in this life (Ps. 37:5, Phil. 4:19) and the heavenly world to come—Rev. 20:1-4. Let believers revel and glory in this magnanimous truth—ONLY GOD! ONLY GOD! ONLY GOD!

1. Only God could give the verbal-plenary inspired, infallible inerrant Word of God and providentially perfectly preserve it as His Son promised—II Tim. 3:16-17, Matt. 24:35. No other book can make and validate the claim that its contents are totally inspired by God. No other world religion possesses a book that can begin to compare with this magnanimous written revelation. In a wonderful combination of the divine and human instruments, God used fallible human men to help produce it, preserve it and propagate it, yet its complete contents are the unique work of the third person of the divine Godhead, the Holy Spirit—II Peter 1:19-21.

While it was composed by 40 human writers with contrasting personalities and differing human temperaments over a period of 1600 years, the exact precise words penned were under the divine superintendence of God's Holy Spirit. Its miraculous preservation throughout the centuries is truly a miracle of God.

2. Only God could give his only begotten Son to come to earth via the miracle of the Virgin Birth (Matt. 1:22-23) and then die upon the Cross and shed His sinless blood as the once-for all propitiatory atonement for our sins—John 3:16, Rom. 3:23-24, Matt. 20:28—and rise again from the dead in His bodily resurrection—I Cor. 15:1-4.

Only the Son of God, also humanly manifested as the genuine Son of Man could totally pay the ransom payment in a once-for all transaction on Calvary as the full divine satisfaction for our sins—Heb. 1:3, 10:12. Only God, via His immaculate impeccable Son, could make complete expiation for our sinful nature, character, conduct and evil consequences—Eph.1:7, Heb. 9:26.

3. Only God can save lost souls (Luke 19:10) via His grace (Eph. 2;8-9) and the miracle of the new birth (John 3:3 & 5); plus only God can sanctify saints through His Word (John 17:17) and eventually glorify His servants at His Son's Second Coming—Eph. 5:25, Phil. 3:20-21.

No human efforts whether it be religion, reformation or restitution can ever reconcile an alienated humanity with their creator. This restoration comes solely through Jesus Christ via His redemptive work on the cross—II Cor. 5:18-19. This restorative work of God will eventual result in the believer's total conformity to the image of Christ—Rom. 8:29, I John 3:2.

4. Only God the Son could give the Great Commission with its three component parts of evangelism, baptism and catechism [doctrinal instruction] Matt. 28:18-20. Only Christ could build His church (Matt. 16:18) via the establishing of autonomous local N. T. churches around the globe (Acts 8:4) using dedicated soul-winning saints as His co-laborers in the process (I Cor. 3: 5-9).

5. Only God can give the genuine believer His divine contentment, joy and peace—Phil. 4:4, 4:6-7,I Tim. 6:10—and supply EVERY essential need of believing saints during their entire earthly journey to Heaven—Phil. 4:19.

Conclusion: For Bible-Christians, the choice between "Only Government?" or "Only God?" is an easy decision! Trusting a God of infinite resources is far better than trusting a financially bankrupt socialistic government! For the believer "in God we trust" is not a monetary slogan, it is a Biblical reality! DJ

Editor's Note: This writer can readily attest to the truth of the above Biblical assertion. As most of our readers know, he is physically incapacitated for 4-6 months due to a 2nd major spinal operation. Not possessing any secondary insurance, he inquired at the hospital offices concerning the potential financial costs.

Hospital sources suggested that he contact the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services ]MDHHS] for financial help. The writer and his wife met with a social worker and we filled out several forms. Fortunately, the social worker was a born-again Christian who was sympathetic to our plight and sincerely sought to assist us. Believe it or not, completion of all the necessary papers required another 30 hours work and could have resulted in the state potentially owning nearly every human resource we possessed!

After much prayer, the editor and his wife withdrew their application, choosing to trust God and His provisions. Upon withdrawing this reply, he immediately received a large check from someone he did not personally know to help with his forthcoming needs. Since the operation, God's saints around the country have been gracious in sending funds. At the time of this article, despite his lack of supplemental insurance, he can report that every medical bill received has been paid up-to-date!

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Editorial; April - May 2009 The Fundamentalist Digest; Permission granted for reprint, so long as proper credit is given.
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